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Xavier is our internally-developed proprietary software that we service our client’s pre-employment screenings on. If there is a check that needs verifying and there is a third-party source we can do this from, Xavier is the system that can facilitate it. The latest version of Xavier came into fruition in the summer of 2018, whereby we made paper obsolete. There was no longer a need for paper applications, or for clients to worry about how they were going to apply for a check, or what ID they might need for a check, because our nifty little system could do it all for them. Whether it be a DBS check, or a totally personalised, bespoke service, Xavier can make it simple.

Real time results

Not only could the system facilitate these checks, but it could also show our clients what the results were in real time. Gone are the days where a client must call to find out a result: the system shows them, with a full activity log. Xavier is still being developed and is in its infancy even though it is one of the most mature systems on the market.

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Key Functionalities


Candidate application tracking system


Automatic email reminders


Consumer checks submitted directly to credit agencies


Set up different divisions in a company with different users initiating screenings


Set up different levels of screenings for different staff

Xavier System Features Updates

Find out more about the latest features and updates to the Xavier System:


This update provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the system's latest updates, including exporting screening documents, chatting for help, setting default HR for screenings, and handling candidate email bounce.


This version includes updates to the employment history screening process. The updates include the removal of the mandatory "Proof of gap" field, a new screening for candidates with no gaps in their employment history, and a new question to check the candidate's current employment status.

Our Reviews

We want you to know that you can trust us: we are a member of NAPBS Europe, MSD UK and IASME, and have 100+ reviews on TRUSTist at 4.9 out of 5; each application you make is processed by three different members of staff and signed off by a real person, and we operate to all the recognised employee screening standards

"For a number of years, we, as a company have been using Eurocomci for our pre-employment screening needs and have always found them to be cooperative and helpful. Any queries or questions we have are answered without delay, in an understanding and approachable manner. I would not hesitate in recommending Eurocom CI"

Fiona Rapaciolo, Catalyst Capital

We use Eurocom for our DBS checks. The service is easy to use and is fast & efficient The team are fantastic & go the extra mile in meeting our needs. I would highly recommend

Natasha Byrne, Rosendale Primary School

"We process multiple DBS applications every month with Eurocom online and have found that any problems or queries that have arisen have always been dealt with promptly and efficiently"

Julian Nicholls, Spectrum

Why us?


No sign up or ongoing costs


Fast turnaround time of 15 days


References chased automatically and by real people


Each screening is vetted by 3 separate pairs of eyes


Unique user-friendly software


Transparent candidate tracking system


First class customer service


Screening certificate and report available to download when completed

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Get in touch today to let us know how we can help fulfill your employee screening requirements both quickly and thoroughly. We offer free demonstrations of our software, so you can see exactly how we could help you before you commit. If this interests you, let us know and we can arrange a demonstration for whenever suits you.