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Live ID and Right to work for DBS checks

£20 + VAT

Credit check

£30 + VAT

AML check

£30 + VAT

Conditions of Application

As part of the screening process the candidate will receive an email asking to give consent to the screening being ordered and asking for their personal details. If the candidate does not complete their personal information and give consent within 14 days then we will automatically refund the check minus £5 admin fee.

When ordering an Live ID and Right to Work for DBS please ensure your candidate has a British/Irish passport. As the check will only be allowed to pass for these passports. If the check fails then you will need to request the original passport and proof of address documents as per the usual DBS guidelines. If the check passes then you can use the details to ID verify your candidate on your DBS system. Please ensure your DBS provider can process off system remote ID checks before you apply.

If you would like to cancel your order then please just wait for 14 days and the order will automatically be cancelled and a refund issued minus a £5 admin fee.

The Submission Process


Step One

Select the check included in your screening


Step Two

Continue to make payment


Step Three

Candidate will receive request of information


Step Four

Candidate will complete consent and personal details


Step Five

Receive your results

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