Individual enhanced DBS check

Individual enhanced DBS check


Enhanced Disclosure application

An individual Enhanced Disclosure costs £72.80.

Employers looking to process multiple checks are advised to enquire about our e-Bulk facility.

IMPORTANT: You must have your documents correctly verified by a representative of the company/organisation that has requested your check. We require your documents to have been seen by this representative and include the written statement exactly as detailed on our FAQ page under Q5 (see here:

Failure to provide any of the required information/incorrectly completed applications will result in a rejection of the application and will incur an administration charge of £24.00

Before you commence your application please ensure you have the following:

  • Employer’s full details including company name and address.
  • Full details of your employment that qualifies you for this level of check.
  • A suitable verified copy of your proof of ID, either a valid passport or a valid UK driving licence photocard showing your current name (and address when applicable).
  • A suitable verified copy of your proof of address which displays your current name, address and a recent date of issue. For example: a bank statement/utility bill issued within 3 months, council tax/mortgage statement issued within 12 months. Alternatively we can accept your valid UK driving licence photocard (as above) when a passport has been used as proof of ID. We cannot accept mobile phone bills.
  • Full address history for the last 5 years including dates (including any time spent overseas). Your current address must be in the UK.
    • Any legal changes to surnames and forenames, including date of changes.


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