Digital ID Verification

Identity checks form a crucial part of an organisation’s pre-employment background screening process. At Eurocom CI, we provide ID verification services on behalf of companies - across various industries - which we can tie in with our numerous other background check services.

We are here to make the identification verification process simple, discreet and hassle-free. You must know exactly who you’re hiring before you send the contract of employment. We offer a transparent, efficient and bespoke service to check prospective employees’ identities, verify them, and provide all the necessary information in an easy-to-read report, thus allowing you to make an informed hiring decision quickly and effortlessly.

What are Identity Checks?


Live ID Checks for £20 £16 + VAT

ID checks are electronic checks designed to confirm and verify an employee’s identity. These checks ensure that a candidate is a real person, with their identity verified by an accredited, efficient third-party system. 

Each ID background check is performed by cross-referencing a prospective candidate’s ID documents against national databases (including the electoral roll, credit reference databases and telephone databases) and undertaking a liveness check through video capture of the candidate (in line with current COVID-19 restrictions).

An ID check can be done alongside various other background checks, however, if you are looking to order a one-off ID check with instant results then you can order a Live ID check by following the process below. If you are looking for employee screenings that include the ID check then you can sign up to Xavier and we will set up any bespoke checks you require.

Digital Identity Checks for DBS Checks

At Eurocom CI, we have partnered with a certified digital identity service provider (IDSP), which allows us to work with highly accredited registered bodies to digitally provide ID checks for Basic DBS checks, Standard DBS checks and Enhanced DBS checks. We use specialist software to assess documents digitally, enabling an identity-checking process that’s more efficient and faster than ever before, generating results quickly.

Digital Identity Checks for Right to Work Checks

Our highly specialist IDSP-accredited digital checking system allows us to provide speedy, efficient right-to-work checks throughout the UK, allowing for highly accessible hiring, whether your employment is fully or partially remote. Eurocom CI provide a flexible checking solution to suit the increasingly digitised workforce of today.

Order checks instantly, no need to sign up. Just order and we will automatically send your candidate the link to do their ID verification

Live ID
Check Process

ID checks may be required for many reasons, e.g. employment, tenancy, identifying new clients according to ‘Know your Client’ regulations in the financial services, legal and accountancy professions.

*If email not received within 10 minutes then please check junk mail.


Step One

The candidate will receive an email with a link to complete their Live ID check. The check will require them to take a picture of their ID documentation as well as a video of themselves directly on the portal. *


Step Two

Once the candidate has completed their ID check, they will receive an email containing the verification information and the copy of the documentation that was provided.


Refund Information

If the candidate does not complete the live ID check within 14 days, or the candidate email address you provided bounces – we will automatically refund you minus £5 admin fee for the check and let you know by email.

How Can Identity Checks Assist My Organisation?

By outsourcing your ID verification service to an accredited third-party background check agency such as Eurocom CI, your organisation can be given:

  • Enhanced protection from fraud
  • Total peace of mind that all hires have been compliant and lawful
  • Confidence in people who have access to sensitive customer or client information

ID verification is a crucial part of the background check process. A candidate may lie about their identity, and failing to spot this could prove detrimental to your organisation.

Here are some of the reasons why someone may lie about their identity:

  • To avoid financial liabilities
  • To illegally obtain genuine documents
  • Dishonest financial gain
  • Avoiding detection

Identity checks are vital for organisations, particularly ones that rely on multiple pre-employment background checks, such as DBS checks.

ID checks verify the identity information which employees provide for multiple other background checks to ensure correct results across the board. Once you have the candidate’s ID fully verified, any different check results are less likely to be called into question.

ID verification confirms the ID document provided by the candidate is authentic, by checking the security features of each unique document.

How Long Does an ID Verification Take?

Most identity verification checks carried out by Eurocom CI provide results in just a few minutes. It doesn’t take long to request an ID verification, and checks are usually completed very promptly, thanks to our intuitive online system.

Our system allows you to check multiple candidates’ applications, where you’ll get real-time updates of each applicant’s progress. As soon as an ID check is finished, you’ll receive a notification. Our automated verification system means that employers can see a comprehensive, easy-to-digest, and up to date view of all ongoing applications and what stage each one is currently in. This allows them to make informed decisions based on the information in front of them. 

The screening certificates and reports are available in a downloadable PDF to view once completed. There are also no sign-up or ongoing costs to use each portal, which we configure specifically for your organisation. Each background screening is vetted and confirmed by three separate pairs of eyes.

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Identity Checks from Eurocom CI

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help fulfil your employee background screening requirements, get in touch with Eurocom CI today. We offer free demonstrations of our employer software, so you can see first-hand how useful they can be. We’d love to arrange a demonstration for you, so let us know if you’re interested.

ID Verification FAQs

You can request a DBS check and an ID check via our online system. However, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) states that a specific ID check must be completed in person or via a live video link to support the DBS check. The ID obtained from the ID check can be used alongside the address verification documents you obtain from the candidate, to verify their ID for DBS purposes.

An identity verification check can only be requested if the candidate has ID documentation (e.g. a passport, driving licence or residence card). We’d recommend getting in touch with us for further information if the candidate has no documents available, and what the options might be.

Our system will automatically notify you of each identity check’s results via email. However, you can view your background check dashboard and see all updates in real-time. Results will be available in an easy-to-read format, downloadable and printable on request once they’re completed.