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Through official sources, we can detect current and previously held directorships or disqualifications to understand any professional history and potentially any conflicts of interest.

A full report will be issued directly to you, showing the results of the search. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time and excellent communication, so we will make sure you are constantly in-the-know until your search is complete. Searches will be carried out on the current name of the candidate and any previous names held. The search is designed to expose any potential conflicts of interest so the employer knows if the candidate has a vested interest elsewhere.

1. These screenings are designed for candidates with 5 years British/Irish address history. The price includes British/Irish checks only, if candidates have lived in overseas addresses then we will be in touch to offer equivalent overseas checks. These checks will be an additional cost to the initial fee. For the recognised standards, e.g. BPSS, BS7858 and FCA screenings, the international checks are mandatory for a clear certificate. If international searches are refused then the certificate will be issued with a note to say that 'no international searches have been completed'.

2. Once a candidate has submitted their data for their screening, we are unable to make alterations. Candidates are advised to be as accurate as possible with employment history data, we have a two week tolerance to report clear employment references, any differences of over two weeks will be flagged.

3. Certain recognised standards screenings e.g. BPSS, BS7858 include the requirement to evidence gaps in employment. If sufficient evidence cannot be provided by the candidate, we will request bank statements to ensure that there were no employments in the period.

4. We will call the previous employment referees three times and email them 3 times in a 5 day period. If the employment references and gaps references have not been received by this time we will offer the candidate the ability to give us access to any of their previous employer HR systems or open banking so that we can verify the employments and gaps that way.

There is also no guarantee of all the references being confirmed with this method, though there is an 80% return rate of information.

5. We will then close the screening and mark any references that were not obtained and it will result in a flagged screening report.

6. If we are missing information from the candidate to be able to undertake searches or progress the screening, we will email them 3 times and call them 3 times in the 10 days period, and if we have not received the information from them then we will close the screening with whatever we have and mark the rest as unobtainable. This will result in a flagged screening report.

7. If the candidate does not complete the forms(s) within 14 days, or the candidate email address provided bounces – we will automatically refund the screening minus £12 admin fee and let you know by email.

*All cancelled applications before candidate submits their screening are refunded minus £12 administration fee

*All cancelled applications after candidate submits their screening information will not be refunded. We will issue a report with whatever information we have


Why us?


No sign up or ongoing costs


Fast turnaround time of 15 days


References chased automatically and by real people


Each screening is vetted by 3 separate pairs of eyes


Unique user-friendly software


Transparent candidate tracking system


First class customer service


Screening certificate and report available to download when completed