Employment History Checks: Why Perform CV Gap Analysis?

All recruitment processes usually begin with candidate CVs. They contain crucial information for employers to consider when potentially interviewing that candidate, and how their relevant education, skills and experience can benefit them in the role they’re applying for.

CVs come in many different forms, with vast differences of opinion on how much detail one should contain. 

However, one alarming statistic is that close to 80% of CVs are inaccurate in some capacity, which poses a risk for employers potentially making unsuitable hires. 

This is why conducting an external employment history and gap analysis check to avoid potential doubts or discrepancies. This guide explains all that’s involved with a gap analysis.

What is an Employment Gap?

Gaps in employment are essentially periods of unaccounted time between positions. 

It’s relatively common to see small gaps between jobs on many candidate CVs; most of these gaps don’t arouse any suspicion for employers.

When and Why are Gaps in Employment a Concern?

When looking at an applicant’s CV, short gaps between employment are generally nothing to worry about. These gaps will invariably indicate a change in career direction, medical issue, significant life events or relocation and are, more often than not, justifiable. 

Any gap that spans longer than a few months tends to be considered a minor ‘red flag’ that warrants looking into. The more significant causes for concern are if there is a gap of over one year between job titles.

It’s understandable that these would cause some hiring managers of organisations to become suspicious of a candidate. 

Organisations want candidates who are committed and can highlight what they have done throughout their career. If a prospective employee doesn’t give a viable, justifiable reason for a substantial gap in employment, it can potentially give a bad impression. Sometimes even employment gaps can be due to criminal convictions or incidents that led to termination. 

This is why it’s vital HR teams conduct a thorough employment history check as part of their pre-employment screening process. In some cases that’s difficult to do, which is why outsourcing pre-employment background checks to a trusted third-party provider like Eurocom CI is the go-to solution for some organisations.

How Employment Gap Analysis Works

Working with a third-party background check provider like Eurocom CI will be more sophisticated and structured than manually checking CVs. 

If anything, they wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) always be accepted as valid evidence of employment history. Depending on the hiring strategy of the organisation, candidates may instead be asked to set up an online account and manually enter their work history into an application form, which is then cross-referenced and validated by the background screening check agency.

The pre-employment screening agency will come back to the client (the hiring organisation) detailing the candidate’s personal data, dates of employment, company history and more. This will allow the organisation to discuss any issues with the applicant.

Benefits of Conducting CV Gap Analysis

Companies everywhere want to ensure every candidate they hire is right for the job and conducting a CV gap analysis provides excellent peace of mind in that regard

Employment CV screening is also beneficial because they:

  • Confirm start and end dates of any past positions that candidate has held.
  • Allow employers to review prior work experience, education qualifications and reasons for leaving a company.
  • Help to mitigate risks by highlighting potential conflicts of interest, such as an undisclosed criminal offence.
  • Aid hiring organisations to make smarter, efficient, more informed hiring decisions.
  • Confirm whether a candidate has been truthful on their CV, which can only be a positive trait.

Professional, Bespoke Background Screening Services

Conducting employment history checks might seem long-winded and time-consuming, but working with Eurocom CI, they’re quite the opposite. 

We provide a wide range of background checks for employment, including (but not limited to):

Our professional, experienced team not only conducts the checks, but also provides our clients with bespoke software which allows them to monitor the progress of all their ongoing background screening checks. 

Whether required by a governing body or parent organisation, we will ensure your software is configured to include all your required background check processes. 

To request a free software demo or find out more about how it works, please contact Eurocom CI today.