The Risks of Improper Staff Vetting

More often than not, employers will choose to have a background screening check on their employees prior to their start at the business. Typically, this takes place towards the end of the recruitment process.

Many deem background screening essential for creating a transparent relationship between the employer and the employee, as any records obtained are official records. These checks reveal an individual's criminal record and education history, employers can be sure that any information a candidate has disclosed is verified against these official records.

Skipping a crucial step such as background screening can have a detrimental effect on the business in the future and is a risk that most employers will later regret, should things go horribly wrong. 

The following blog will explain the importance of investing in thorough background checks, including what can happen if they don’t take place.

What is Staff Vetting?

Staff vetting is the process of investigating a candidate's background and qualifications before their employment commences. Staff vetting is an excellent way to ensure an employee is an excellent match for a job, and it explores their background to reveal any factors that may make them unsuitable for the workplace. 

Vetting prior to employment is important for maintaining the safety of employees and their well-being. Not only this, it is beneficial for the following:

  • Greater security
  • Higher level of protection
  • Better quality of potential candidates
  • Can increase employee retention

There is a legal requirement to perform these types of checks, especially background checks in some industries. For example, those working within the education and healthcare sectors are more than likely to need a check for every employee hired. 

The same goes for those working for the government, as they are often exposed to a large amount of sensitive information.

Our experience

From experience, it is apparent that many businesses will neglect background checks through a lack of understanding about the security they can offer a business. This goes for big businesses and small ones like Funky Socks.

The level of any check will change with the job role that is being fulfilled. Depending on what the employer wishes to learn about a candidate and their past, including their business objectives, a background screening can reveal this information in a legal and professional manner.

The negative impacts of poor background screening

If background screening is not conducted correctly, if at all, there are a number of detrimental effects that this can have on a business. Below are some of the issues a business may face if proper care is not taken to do so.

False Information

Businesses are well within their rights to seek employees that they can trust to complete the tasks they have been recruited to do.

Without carrying out employee vetting prior to onboarding new staff, you could be at risk of employing somebody who isn't fit for the job. This risk is increased when information the employee has disclosed may be false. For example, their industry qualifications or experience in a task that is vital to performing the job.

Becoming a Victim of Fraud

Not only can you be offered false information in exchange for employment, but you are also at risk of becoming a victim of fraud by neglecting to do a background screening.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that crimes can happen from within a business, especially when you are working so closely with other colleagues, but the sad reality is that many crimes occur behind closed doors. 

Completing the relevant background checks prior to onboarding a new employee ensures that you are eradicating the risk of letting unsafe individuals into the workplace. This provides greater security for yourself, your employees and the business against becoming a victim of fraud.

Employer Negligence & Negligent Hiring

Employer negligence comes into effect when the employer has been unable to create a safe work environment for other employees. Part of this is down to employers neglecting to efficiently hire their staff by ignoring checks such as criminal record check and other background checks.

Furthermore, negligent hiring is when the employer has hired somebody into the business without conducting the necessary checks beforehand. This has then invited the employee to create distress among other employees and therefore harm the company, its employees and other third parties. 

Not only are the employees at risk of harm, but so is the company’s reputation.

Pre-employment Background Screening from Eurocom CI.

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