Can You Fail a Background Employment Check?

Employers need to tread carefully with candidates, regardless of how trustworthy they seem during a job interview. Candidates may swear that they are reliable and capable, but in most cases, the hiring organisation won’t simply take their word for it. This is why they conduct pre-employment background checks on all candidates before any hire is made.

Background employment checks provide peace of mind to employers that they are making intelligent hiring decisions. As a candidate, if you’ve wondered whether you can fail pre-employment background screening, you can, and this guide is here to help clarify any misconceptions.

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Can You Fail a Background Check?

Yes, it is possible to fail employment screenings. What constitutes a failure depends on the nature of the check conducted and the information that’s uncovered.

Whether this is due to a past criminal offence that is not eligible for filtering on a DBS check or a negative employment reference from a past line manager, it’s possible that your new job could rest entirely on your background check. Of course, it also depends on your hiring organisation and their policy. Although most of the hiring process falls within their jurisdiction, sometimes their hands may be tied by a governing body (for example, if they’re a school).

Why Would a Background Employment Check Fail?

Most employers conduct background checks on their shortlisted candidates, to ensure that they’re suitable for the role(s) advertised. Depending on the position, the extent of the background checks can range from a Basic DBS check and confirming their right to work in the UK, to hard credit checks, AML screenings and education or employment verification checks. There is no standard that encompasses all organisations and their candidate criteria.

The most common reasons that a background check would fail are outlined below. It’s important to mention that just because something is uncovered during background screening doesn’t automatically mean that the candidate will not progress. In the UK, employers cannot deny applicants a job based on whether they have a criminal record or not, as this could lead to potential discrimination proceedings.

Role-Specific Crimes

Criminal convictions disclosed on Basic, Standard or Enhanced DBS checks don’t necessarily disqualify you from a potential role. However, if your criminal record shows a crime that’s pertinent to the type of role you’re applying for, you may not be offered the job. Employers must safeguard their staff and customers, especially if they deal with the safety and security of children or vulnerable adults. Even the slightest indication you may be a threat could immediately dissuade any employers from hiring you.

DBS check offences like these could include embezzlement, tax evasion or serious violent or sexual crimes, or any offence which would put you on the Children’s or Adults’ Barred List.

Poor Credit History

While credit checks are few and far between in most job hiring processes, some employers may request them if your role involves handling client money or finances. Your prospective employer will want evidence of how you’ve handled money in the past. If your employment check discloses serious debt or money issues, this could disqualify you from the post.

A Misleading CV or Job Application Form

Background screening is notorious for divulging information applicants may have lied about on their CVs. This could range from disclosing they worked in a job role they didn’t have to claiming they held a position longer than they did. Even small instances like these could cost you a new job.

Education Verification

It’s not uncommon for candidates to bolster their CVs with false information, including their education. An education background check can identify claims that don’t mirror the truth, such as a candidate’s higher education grades, institution or type of degree.

Undisclosed Driving Offences

Minor driving offences like parking tickets or speeding don’t usually constitute any significant cause for concern. However, suppose the role in question involves driving. In that case, the employer will have to act if there is evidence of serious driving offences, such as drunk driving or driving under the influence. Checking this will help employers avoid legal consequences which could arise from potential incidents on the road if that person were to be hired.

Pre-Employment Background Screening Packages

Background checks for employment are time-consuming and challenging to balance all the time, particularly in small businesses. Structured and extensive background checks shouldn’t fall within the remit of someone already balancing multiple responsibilities, as this could lead to errors. Therefore, Eurocom CI, as a professional and multi-skilled background check agency, are here to help.

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