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Differences Between Employment Verification and Reference Checks

It’s not uncommon to hear the terms “employment verification” and “reference checks” used interchangeably. However, despite the common belief that these terms mean the same thing, the reality is quite different. Both employment verification checks and background reference checks are widely-used to confirm a candidate’s employment history, but the processes are drastically different. This guide […]

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What Happens if a Candidate Fails an Employment Check?

There could be several reasons why a candidate might fail a pre-employment background check. If that were the case, how should the hiring organisation or HR team deal with the challenges this brings? It is crucial to understand some common reasons why someone might not pass a company’s specific background checks. It’s also important to […]

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What is a Digital ID Verification Service?

It’s crucial to ensure that organisations stay vigilant during the job application process. One of the most important aspects of this diligence is ensuring every prospective employee is legitimately who they say they are.  Information is particularly easy to falsify these days and, with the emergence of remote hiring and digital background checks, coupled with […]

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Education Verification: The Dangers of Diploma Mills

You would be shocked at how often employers fail to spot evidence of fake university or college degrees and qualifications on candidates’ job applications. In an increasingly competitive job market, it can be tempting for candidates to fabricate their education and qualifications from a fake university as a way of enhancing their CV and deceiving […]

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Credit Checks for Employment: FAQs

It’s becoming increasingly common for employers to perform pre-employment credit checks, even if they’re not legally required to. Some types of financial companies, such as solicitors, have a legal requirement to conduct pre-employment credit checks, but most other businesses have no such legal obligation. The number of UK workers being rejected from potential positions is […]

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5 Jobs Which Need Adverse Credit Checks for Employment

Organisations across a wide range of sectors have varying degrees of pre-employment background screening requirements. While most employers would generally implement common types of background checks like employment history, education verification and criminal record checks (commonly known as DBS checks), others may have slightly more stringent needs. It’s become increasingly common for HR teams and […]

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Employment History Check: All You Need to Know

Employers must ensure that they’re making the right hiring decisions, which is made trickier by the possibility of applicants lying on their CVs or job applications. The biggest area of ambiguity tends to be a candidate’s employment history, which is one of the most critical areas to verify. Importance of Employment Verification If a candidate […]

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5 Reasons to Outsource Social Media Screening Checks

Whether you love social media or hate it, it’s firmly intertwined with every aspect of our lives, both professional and personal. As such, it’s become increasingly customary for organisations across various sectors – from finance to education – to implement social media checks as part of their pre-employment background screening solutions. Social media employment screening […]

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8 Ways People Fail Social Media Searches

Almost everyone is on some sort of social media these days, and it’s almost a surprise if they’re not. With so much information readily available and accessible online these days, employers can vet social media profiles of prospective candidates to assess who they are beyond their interview and CV. Can You Fail a Social Media […]

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What’s the Difference Between KYC Checks and AML Checks?

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations are mandated by several national and international authorities. Authorities like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have worked in tandem with governments worldwide to tackle the very-much-still present threat of money laundering and financing of terrorism.   As part of the collaborative effort to tackle widespread money laundering for businesses, several background checks […]

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6 Advantages of Social Media Employment Screening

Any candidate who’s recently completed a new job application may have been asked, “Can employers check your social media?” The answer is, yes, they can – employer social media checks are a legitimate type of check which nowadays often forms a vital part of an organisation’s pre-employment background screening processes.  Social media searches have become […]

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Everything You Need to Know about AML Checks and Screening

Billions of pounds are laundered through the UK every year, so your organisation must be protected from the real – and often hidden – threat that money laundering poses. There could be money laundering risks from various parties, so you have to ensure that you’re doing your part as a business and that everybody and […]