What Types of Background Checks Can Landlords Conduct on Tenants?

Renting a property can sometimes be an unnerving and stressful experience for both the tenant and the landlord. It can be overwhelming to submit the correct paperwork and forms within a deadline and ensure that the move goes smoothly.  However, background checks are ultimately there to provide safety for both parties and eliminate any issues […]


Guide To Access HMRC 5-Year Employment History Online

There are several reasons you may need to access your 5-year employment history. Perhaps you have been involved in an accident and need to make a claim or are interested to learn about your previous working history. Some screening standards, for example, the BS7858:2019 screening standard, are in place to screen individuals working in a […]

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The Risks of Improper Staff Vetting

More often than not, employers will choose to have a background screening check on their employees prior to their start at the business. Typically, this takes place towards the end of the recruitment process. Many deem background screening essential for creating a transparent relationship between the employer and the employee, as any records obtained are […]

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What You Need to Know About Sanction Checks

Many may know that there are procedures within an employment process that must be adhered to, for example, right-to-work checks or credit checks, but are often unaware of what these checks consist of: Criminal record checks, for example, are a widely-recognised procedure in most employment processes, but many are unknowing of smaller checks offered in […]

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What Are the Differences Between Bankruptcy and a CCJ?

Bankruptcy is never a nice position for anybody to find themselves in, let alone receiving a county court judgment or “CCJ”.  But some things, if not unavoidable, can be eased when helping to overcome these unforeseen circumstances. Educating yourself about them can help to put you in a less vulnerable position and give you access […]

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Avoiding Discrimination in Your Recruitment Process

Bias and discrimination within a recruitment process is still a significant issue in the UK, so much so that British citizens, from ethnic minority backgrounds, with ample experience and qualifications are being rejected by employers. Studies show that these individuals still have to distribute, on average, 60% more CVs to receive a favourable outcome than […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Share Codes

Whether you are an employer taking on a new job applicant from overseas or you are somebody looking for work after arriving in the UK, you need to be aware of what is required when doing so. For example providing a ‘Share Code’ for a Right to Work check, amongst other employment checks, such as […]

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Employment Checks: Impact of a Bad Hire on Your Business

Organisations everywhere can often feel stuck constantly recruiting, hiring and onboarding new employees. Along the way, mistakes are bound to happen from both the candidates’ side and the business’ side; sooner or later, there will come a time when a company hires a bad employee for their vacancies. Making a wrong hiring decision can have […]

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Security Vetting: Working in Government

There are four levels of government security clearance that can be undertaken. These vary from job to job but will ultimately be necessary for those employed in job roles where sensitive information is to hand daily. The following blog will cover what these types of checks are, the requirements for each one and what they […]

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Most Popular Methods Applicants Use to Cheat Background Employment Checks

When candidates apply for new jobs, they’ll likely have to complete pre-employment background checks. This is to ensure their criminal record, education history, work experience and, in many cases, credit history is accurate and to ensure they can fulfil the role’s demands. Background checks are a standard part of hiring for companies across many industries. […]

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What to Consider with Adverse SMCR Screenings

If you’re an HR professional working within a large organisation, you’ll likely have heard of SMCR. Although the vast majority of these background checks come back as clear, it’s essential to understand precisely what it means for your organisation should you come across candidates with adverse SMCR history. What is SMCR? The Senior Managers and […]

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Employment History Checks: Why Perform CV Gap Analysis?

All recruitment processes usually begin with candidate CVs. They contain crucial information for employers to consider when potentially interviewing that candidate, and how their relevant education, skills and experience can benefit them in the role they’re applying for. CVs come in many different forms, with vast differences of opinion on how much detail one should […]