5 Reasons to Outsource Social Media Screening Checks

Whether you love social media or hate it, it’s firmly intertwined with every aspect of our lives, both professional and personal. As such, it’s become increasingly customary for organisations across various sectors - from finance to education - to implement social media checks as part of their pre-employment background screening solutions.

Social media employment screening checks are reliable and flexible for hiring organisations to vet job applicants. If anything, a social media check is crucial at determining whether a job seeker is a right fit for a company or not.

Employer Social Media Checks

If you’re an HR manager or a professional within a company’s HR team, you’ll hopefully need no explanation as to how adversely social media activity can affect a business. 

Most, if not all of your prospective candidates and current employees will be using social media profiles to some degree. That doesn’t change the risks associated with being on such a public and wide-reaching platform. 

In 2022 it’s becoming increasingly easy to hold employees accountable for the posts and opinions they share on social media sites. This is why organisations take reviewing their employees' social media pages seriously to spot any potentially problematic views, behaviours, or opinions shared that could negatively affect the organisation. 

The risks of social media are evident, but how should companies check their employees’ social media activity to ensure they won’t be putting the business at risk?

How Should You Vet People on Social Media?

Conducting a social media search yourself might seem like the most straightforward and hassle-free solution, but doing this presents its share of risks. 

That’s right - how your organisation goes about conducting social media checks could potentially cause issues for you. This is why it pays dividends to ensure you’re conducting them with the same diligence, care and attention you would with any other background screening.

However, it extends further beyond proper conduct, and your organisation could be at risk with the decisions made following the uncovering of specific personal information. 

If the idea of conducting a social media background check sounds daunting, we advise you not to worry too much. Using a third-party background check agency like Eurocom CI is a straightforward, convenient and practical workaround to help you remain compliant and risk-free.

We’ve outlined five key advantages of using a third-party background check company for your social media searches.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Checks

1. Avoidance of Legal Issues

It’s virtually impossible to ‘unsee’ what’s discovered during any background check. What you find on a candidate’s social media account could be considered protected class information that biases hiring decisions and violates numerous laws. Therefore, outsourcing to a compliant third-party background check agency means all decisions you make will be legally watertight.

2. Accurate Information Delivered Quickly

As the old saying goes: time is of the essence. Not only do social media checks take time, but you risk making errors if you rush them. Finding a reputable background check provider frees up more time for you to focus on other essential HR processes, with the required (and legally compliant) information delivered to you promptly.

3. Controlled Adverse Action Processes

In the recruitment process, a company may take adverse action if they decide not to hire an applicant anymore, or withdraw an offer of employment. This can often be based on information uncovered during pre-employment screening. 

Should you discover social media information that requires you to take adverse action for a candidate, your reasoning must be sound. If it’s not, it could open the door to potential legal action. Therefore, working with a qualified and experienced background check company will help significantly.

4. Healthier Employee-Employer Distance

There is such a thing as being a bit ‘too close for comfort’ if company representatives begin following all employees on social media. Encouraging a healthy distance between managers and employees is wise, which is helped by leaving the vetting duties to an objective, independent background screening agency.

5. Delivered with Other Background Checks

Your organisation may already outsource other background checks, such as criminal record checks, ID verification, AML checks, right to work checks, credit checks, education or employment history and so on. Social media screening is another type that requires an expert blend of efficiency, fast technology and an understanding of employment law. Therefore, it only makes sense to outsource to a partner agency handling all your pre-employment checks.

Social Media Employment Screening Solutions

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