How to Incorporate Pre-Employment Checks into Hiring Process

Hiring the correct candidate for you is crucial to progress your business forward. This means ensuring those that you do employ are truthful and qualified to do the job at hand.

In the following article, we highlight the pre-employment checks that can assist in your hiring decisions and suggest which ones would be best for you.

Why Pre-Employment Checks are Important

Pre-employment checks are essential to verify the information a candidate has submitted for a job role and ensure that their claims are legitimate. 

These claims include anything regarding education, employment history and previous experience, to name a few. 51 per cent of adults in the UK will lie on their CV at some point in their working life, making pre-employment checks even more necessary. 

As well as verifying the candidate’s claims and qualifications, these checks can also protect a business against liability if they were to employ an individual unsuited for the job and a serious incident happened as a result.

Types of Pre-Employment Checks

There are several types of pre-employment checks, each suited to a different section of the employment process. Below we have outlined when each of these checks would be used and why they are important.

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Criminal Background Checks

Employment Verification

The employment verification check involves contacting a candidate’s employer to discuss their roles and responsibilities throughout their time at the company. They then verify to the new employer that the application was truthfully submitted and that their CV was accurate

Credit Checks

Credit checks are vital for employers within industries where handling money is a common duty. 

The benefit of undertaking a credit check is that it enables an employer to trust a potential employee, by providing an overview of their financial history and whether or not they are responsible when handling money. 

Much like a criminal background check, a credit check does require the candidate’s consent before applying for one.

Education Verification

An education verification check requires an employer to contact a candidate’s education provider to verify their credentials. This includes the verification of the type of degree/qualification earnt, the date on which they completed their education and any rewards or extra credits awarded.

How to Use the Information Gathered from Pre-Employment Checks

Firstly, it is crucial to determine which type of check will be relevant for your employment sector and to set criteria based on the results of the check. For instance, agreeing that those who do not pass the credit check are not able to complete their hiring process.

Pre-employment checks should be completed for all candidates or none at all. Inconsistency in the hiring process can lead to further problems later on. However, the result of the check should not be the defining factor in a candidate’s success; qualifications, experience and interview performance should all contribute to the decision.

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