How Can ID Verification Help Remote Hiring and Onboarding?

Given the advances in technology and the sudden shift to working remotely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional hiring and onboarding practices were, for a while, a thing of the past.

Organisations relied on hiring new employees via online ID verification throughout 2020 when the virus was at its zenith, spreading rapidly and prior to a vaccine being introduced. Now, even as organisations are either still working remotely or flexibly full-time, traditional ID verification processes are still less relied on than digital equivalents. 

This is why remote hiring must be embraced, much like remote working, and for organisations struggling to adapt to this change, this guide is here to help.

Embracing the Increase in Remote Working and Hiring

The digital approach to ID verification services is something that many organisations wouldn’t have considered before the COVID pandemic. However, there is no time like the present. 

There are many advantages of online identity verification. By digitising a very manual process, HR teams can securely and efficiently hire and onboard, becoming more strategic and effective in the process. Manual ID verification can result in lengthy and unnecessary delays, large amounts of paperwork and other similar hardships. 

If anything, adapting to digital identity checks has highlighted the need for software, processes, structure and support to help companies cope in a remote environment. For example, remotely verifying employee identities in the hundreds can become a straightforward process with the right systems and solutions in place. This is where companies like Eurocom CI can help implement the strategy and ID verification software to make this a hassle-free process, ensuring you are fulfilling your legal obligations but without you worrying about it.

What is a Digital ID Verification Service?

Identity verification processes ensure that a person’s identity matches what they have put on their application. It might sound benign, but ID checks help prevent fraud and protect and safeguard companies from making illegal hires. It’s as important as confirming a person’s right to work in the UK, which can open the door to a plethora of legal issues for organisations if they don’t possess this.

Checks to verify identity make up part of a company’s pre-employment screening process. They can often be tied into other types of background checks, such as education verification, criminal record checks and right to work checks.

How can Identity Verification Benefit Your Organisation?

By confirming a person’s identity, the HR department of an organisation can keep paper and digital copies to access later should they need to.

An online identity check involves:

  • Checking someone’s ID documents against databases such as the electoral roll, credit reference lists and so on.
  • Live ID verification through video capture of the candidate in possession of the physical form of identification.

Implementing a digital ID verification process can give organisations the following:

  • Freedom to carry out the identity check without risk of COVID-19 infection (in line with various social distancing restrictions and preferences).
  • Time saved on paperwork and making multiple physical copies of identity documents.
  • Further time saved on receiving identification in the post, verifying it and sending it back, completing everything promptly via secure video tools and systems.
  • Protection from identity fraud and avoiding other risks to the company.
  • Seamless integration with other necessary background screening checks.

In short, a digital background identity check can save organisations time and costs as long as they are implemented and executed correctly. This is where Eurocom CI, a background check agency that carries out ID checks on behalf of our clients, can provide a solution tailored specifically to your needs.

Flexible, Bespoke Identity Verification Services

At Eurocom CI, we have a Live ID verification solution that provides organisations with a digitised system for straightforward and practical identity checks. It follows a simple two-step process:

  1. The candidate receives an email to complete their Live ID check, where they’ll also be asked to submit a picture of their identification and video themselves directly on the portal.
  2. Once that’s been completed, they’ll receive an email with a copy of the ID document provided and the verification confirmation.

We provide a bespoke system allowing our clients to conduct all their pre-employment screening checks. If their checks include the ID check, we can set it up to have this feature for their onboarding and hiring process, while training and guiding them on using their candidate checking portal.

To arrange a free demonstration of our ID checking software, get in touch with Eurocom CI today.