8 Key Benefits of ID Verification Services in Hiring

Employees (by themselves or along with an outside party) commit 57% of workplace fraud costing businesses millions of pounds each year. Hiring honest and legitimate individuals into a business is crucial for mitigating the risk of fraudulent behaviour in the workplace.

Below, we have detailed eight of the top benefits of using the ID verification service and why this process changes how the hiring process is undertaken.

Benefits of ID Verification in Hiring

ID verification in hiring brings multiple benefits, including a heightened level of security in the workplace. The use of ID verification across the globe is expected to triple against usage figures in 2016. 

Using ID verification, businesses can ensure that only authorised individuals can access sensitive information and financial assets. The process is particularly crucial for companies that must comply with regulations. 

Below are eight top benefits of using ID verification.

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1. Improved Security

Improved security is a massive benefit of using ID verification to screen candidates. It can assist in preventing data breaches, theft in the workplace and other security incidents that may put the business at unnecessary risk. 

Using the ID verification service means businesses can choose who is authorised to access sensitive information and facilities.

2. Better Compliance with Regulations

3. Enhanced Candidate Experience

Using ID verification makes the hiring process less stressful and more efficient for candidates, with no excessive paperwork and posting of documents to help ease them into the position stress-free!

Due to the ID verification service performing virtually, all applications are stored in a simple online portal, which keeps all references and documentation neat and today throughout the process.

4. Increased efficiency in the hiring process

By streamlining the hiring process using ID verification, businesses can reduce the time spent verifying potential candidates' identities, due to the quick and easy system of completing this virtually, and focus on their business aims.

5. Reduced risk of fraud

Through the ID verification service, companies can ensure that fraudulent individuals aren’t deceiving or misleading them into illegitimate hiring.

6. Enhanced accuracy in hiring decisions

Businesses can quickly identify candidates' education and employment history through the digital ID verification service. This includes any qualifications obtained, working experience and previous employment roles, to ensure accurate information on their CV.

7. Reduced time and cost of hiring

Businesses can see a reduced amount of time and resources required to verify the identity of job candidates when using the digital ID verification service. Businesses can save money on postage fees by completing applications online.

8. Increased trust in the hiring process

Candidates applying for job roles using ID verification services are more likely to trust an employer’s hiring process to be fair and unbiased. The service will also likely deter individuals looking to fraudulently apply for the role and forge their documentation to ensure success.

ID Verification Checks from Eurocom C I.

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