Guide To Access HMRC 5-Year Employment History Online

There are several reasons you may need to access your 5-year employment history. Perhaps you have been involved in an accident and need to make a claim or are interested to learn about your previous working history.

Some screening standards, for example, the BS7858:2019 screening standard, are in place to screen individuals working in a secure environment, adhering to the code of practice. 

A 5-year employment history document may be necessary to provide the employer with in conjunction with a Criminal Record Check or Credit Check. Whatever the case may be, it’s important that you know how to apply for your 5-year employment history documentation correctly.

The following blog will discuss how to access your 5-year employment history documentation and the recommended way to submit an application. 

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What is HMRC's 5-year Work History?

HMRC’s 5-year work history is an official paper document that is released by the HMRC for free.

The document clearly lists every job that an individual has had whilst employed in the United Kingdom. This information also includes the start date and end date of each employment and the amount of income tax paid throughout its duration.

The document is compiled from a history of long-standing records that the HMRC has stored throughout an employee’s career. These have subsequently been received from each payroll team at the previous employer.

Getting Proof of my 5-Year Work History

If for any reason, you need to access your 5-year work history documentation, there is a number of simple steps you need to take to obtain this.

Firstly, an applicant will need to apply for, receive and complete an application form. This form requires personal details, such as name, date of birth and national insurance number, as well as a brief overview of each employer, among other things. 

Once the application form has been completed, it needs to be sent off to the HMRC for processing. The time this takes to complete can vary.

If you are applying for proof of your 5-year work history through a third party, for example, a tax agent or solicitor, prior permission will be required from you. To speed up the process of the third party obtaining your records, you can fill out this employment history consent form to give HMRC the permission they require. 

If you are applying for these records on behalf of a deceased individual, a separate form will need to be completed.

Can I Request my 5-year Employment History by Phone?

Documents are available to be requested via the telephone; however, the HMRC advises that applicants attempt to obtain their records online. 

When an applicant applies via phone, HMRC needs to release the documentation (forms etc.) in the post. This can significantly impact the length of time the application takes to complete. As a guide, this process is predicted to take up to 10 working days.

To request your 5-year employment record by phone, please call: 0300 200 3300

How to Access my HMRC Employment Records Online?

For many, ‘accessing your records online’ sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is. A breach in cyber security is at the forefront of their mind, and they are reluctant to enter sensitive information online.

These individuals can be reassured that the HMRC is a non-ministerial department of the UK government and is completely safe to disclose such information.

Personal tax account link:

Below is a step-by-step process to ensure you are in the right place at all times:

Step 1: Navigate to the HMRC website

Step 2: Click the sign-in button

step 1 - click sign in button

Step 3: Sign in if you already have an account; otherwise, create your account via "Create sign-in details".

Step 4: After successful login, click "Pay As you Earn (PAYE)".

Step 5: Click "Check previous tax years".

Step 6: Now you should see your current employment and past employment, click "View 2021 to 2022 tax year" or choose desired year.

Step 5- Previous Tax Years

Step 7: Click "Check the income details sent to us" you have to do this to each employment.

step 6 - View Employment Details

Step 8: Click “Print this page”.

step 7 - Print this page

Step 9: Select the destination dropdown and download your employment history as a PDF file.

Step 10: Repeat the above instructions for each employment in the past five years.

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