Eurocom C I Partner Becomes UK’s First Certified Identity Service Provider

One of our partners at Eurocom C I has become the UK’s first Certified ID Verification Service Provider (IDSP). By supplying quality checks for individuals and employers alike, it’s no wonder that this massive achievement has come to fruition.

But what exactly constitutes becoming a Certified Identity Service Provider? Find out all you need to know right here.

What are Identity Service Providers?

An Identity Service Provider, also known as an IDSP, is a digital service or business that conveniently stores and manages large quantities of digital identities, all in one place.

At Eurocom C I, we use market-leading digital ID verification provider Yoti Ltd, who, with the Post Office, became the UK’s first certified Identity Services Provider (IDSP) under the Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework. 

Through the use of the IDSP, you can now complete the DBS ID verification for British and Irish passport holders by checking their proof documentation, identity, current address and their right to work.

What are Certified IDSPs?

Certified Identity Service Providers are companies or businesses that have been approved to take responsibility for validating the identity of a DBS check applicant on behalf of an RB or RO, known as the Relying Party.

There are four areas that a Certified Identity Service Provider must adhere to when carrying out an identity verification for a DBS Check. Followed through independent certification, these are:

  • Meet the requirements set out in the latest version of the UKDIATF available at the time of certification by an independent body.
  • The above certification must demonstrate the information security requirements in 3.1.1 are met.
  • The above certification must demonstrate the identity assurance requirements in 3.1.2 are met.
  • Compliant with the requirements listed in section 4.

Levels of Confidence for Identity Profiles

‘Identity Profiles’ are the product of a combination of scores that an individual receives for each part of their identity check. The Good Practice Guide (GPG) is a document designed to guide employers and businesses on how to check and verify identity.

The GPG45 was updated at the end of 2019 by the UK Government Digital Services and details its four Levels of Confidence. In order to conduct a legitimate identity check, you are required to meet the following:

Basic DBS Check – Medium Confidence

Completing and obtaining a successful Basic DBS Check certificate, requires a minimum of ‘medium level of confidence.’ This means you can either meet four identity profiles by supplying one piece of identity evidence, or an additional three identity profiles by supplying two pieces of evidence.

The Relying Party may choose to prove the applicant to a higher level of confidence if the circumstance changes and a different level of DBS Check is required. These additional checks include a Standard, Enhanced, or Enhanced with Barred Lists DBS Check.

Standard, Enhanced and Enhanced with Barred Lists DBS Check – High Confidence

For any Standard, Enhanced or Enhanced with Barred List DBS Check, high confidence is required.

This means that each applicant must meet one of the three identity profiles provided by supplying one piece of identity documentation or five identity profiles available for those who provide two pieces of evidence. 

In order to complete any one of the three above DBS Checks successfully, applicants must achieve a score that is equal to or greater than the score required to provide the correct level of confidence for the check. 

The Disclosure and Barring Service recommends that an identity fraud check is undertaken on any individual for all identity profiles.

Right to Work

It’s important to note that a DBS Check does not provide evidence of a person’s right to work in the UK. Separate checks can be conducted to ensure that the applicant is suitable for working in the UK, including taking part in voluntary work. 

Eurocom C I, are certified to undertake right to work checks and will confirm an individual’s eligibility to work and, equally, their identity for a DBS Check.

Pre-Employment Checks From Eurocom C I

To find out more about the services Eurocom C I can offer, get in touch today. We offer a vast range of employment checks for any sector, including Sanction Searches, Background Checks, Director Checks and AML Checks to name a few.