Eurocom CI Integrates with Blue Octopus’ Octo Tech for Efficient Hiring

We are excited to announce our new ATS integration with Blue Octopus’ recruitment technology, Octo Platinum.

Benefits of this integration

This ATS integration optimises the recruitment process by offering a platform where onboarding, compliance and candidate tracking happen seamlessly. With the challenges recruiters face today in ensuring authentic hiring, this integration promises to be a game-changer.

By eliminating the traditional process of shifting between separate background screening systems and applicant tracking platforms, we ensure that our clients get a more efficient, user-friendly experience. This integration with Octo Platinum guarantees streamlined candidate monitoring coupled with real-time screening insights.

However, the advantages extend beyond simplifying the hiring process, our clients can now benefit from faster, more accurate hiring decisions, reduced time-to-hire and an overall better candidate experience.

Some Words From Our Director

Eurocom Ci, Managing Director, Jagriti Patwari shared her enthusiasm about the integration:

“In today's competitive hiring landscape, efficiency is important. We are excited about this integration as it provides our clients with a solution for a more efficient approach to hiring.”

For clients already using Blue Octopus ATS, we are ready to onboard and initiate DBS checks and screenings from within the platform.

More About Octo Platinum

Octo is the award-winning, talent acquisition platform from Blue Octopus. It’s a central hub for attracting, engaging, and managing talent from authorisation to onboarding. With its user-friendly interface, it enables organisations to reduce their time-to-hire, enhance the quality of hire, and minimise recruitment costs.

Do you want to streamline your hiring process?

If you’re interested to learn more about the ATS integrations, please get in touch with us here. Many of our clients are already taking advantage of this integration. So the real question is, will you be next?