What is a Digital ID Verification Service?

It’s crucial to ensure that organisations stay vigilant during the job application process. One of the most important aspects of this diligence is ensuring every prospective employee is legitimately who they say they are. 

Information is particularly easy to falsify these days and, with the emergence of remote hiring and digital background checks, coupled with an increasingly competitive job market, this makes it even more difficult for employers to rectify.  It could have drastic consequences if businesses aren’t taking the appropriate precautions to confirm their employee identities’ legitimacy and validity.

This is where identity checks and ID verification services can prove invaluable for companies during the pre-employment screening process. This guide will explore this specific service in finer detail.

What is ID Verification?

Identity verification is the critical process of confirming an individual is exactly who they claim to be. ID verification services are vital security measures, with companies across various sectors regularly carrying out these background screening checks. 

Typical examples where confirming identity would be necessary include:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Applying for a loan, credit card or mortgage
  • Leasing or financing a vehicle

Confirming a person’s identity is also vital in Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) efforts, which many firms within the financial services sector require to monitor and assess customer risk.

By taking a name, date of birth, address and other relevant identifiers, reputable identity verification companies, such as Eurocom, can ensure that an individual also exists in digital format via trusted database platforms.

Why Digital ID Verification is Important

Many organisations operate remotely these days or adopt a hybrid approach. While digital infrastructure is ultimately positive in keeping businesses running smoothly and connecting people, many companies still rely on physical, face-to-face ID verification checks. 

However, with the adaptation of online platforms to carry out these types of services, not to mention the speed and efficiency that these methods bring to a business, digital ID verification would appear to be the favourable way forward.

While there are undoubtedly risks of using a digital background check service, it would be unwise to ignore the many advantages that this technology can bring to an organisation, particularly for the HR teams overseeing and managing the time-intensive recruiting and onboarding processes.

How Does Identity Verification Help Fight Fraud?

Businesses are at risk of fraudulent behaviour when they employ an individual acting behind a ‘mask’ or false identity, which hides who they really are. 

By carrying out identification verification checks, whether this is AML Checks or background screening checks, businesses can protect themselves against becoming a victim of fraud by ensuring everyone they come into contact with is legitimate. 

Digital Identity Verification Checks make it extremely difficult for these individuals to steal or create a fake identity, preventing a spike in identity fraud.

Benefits of Digital ID Verification Services

There are multiple advantages to using a digital identification service to assist your business in making those all-important hiring decisions. Below are eight top benefits you can expect to see by using a digital ID verification service.

  • These checks enable identity documents to be digitally validated in real-time and almost instantly.
  • They speed up the onboarding process while protecting against fraud and reducing abandonment rates.
  • Digital processes deliver an excellent user experience for both the handler and the applicant.
  • The checks enable companies to meet their AML and KYC requirements.
  • Digitising the ID check process allows businesses to save significantly in terms of costs and time.
  • Digital checks can spot signs of forged documentation, such as font size and spacing, consistency of letters, watermarks, holograms, rounded corners, etc.
  • The data extracted from the document directly removes the need for any manual data entry.
  • The whole solution can be scaled and tailored to suit any organisation of any size, integrating seamlessly with any other specific types of background checks needed (such as criminal record checks, right to work, credit checks and education verification).

Efficient, Professional Identity Check Solutions from Eurocom CI

Verifying candidates’ identities is crucial for mitigating risks for any organisation. There is no better time to embrace advanced technology to make onboarding and recruitment even more straightforward.

For a comprehensive pre-employment screening solution giving you the tools, training and interface needed to manage all your necessary background checks in one user-friendly place, request a free demonstration from Eurocom CI.

As a background check provider with years of experience handling B2B solutions of all sizes, we’re confident that our technology can help scale your operations and improve productivity.