What are the Advantages of Pre-Employment Screening?

Background checks have become an integral part of the employee screening process for many organisations. Nearly every business, in almost every sector, conducts a range of employment background checks, including (but not limited to):

It’s clear to see why, as today’s competitive job market has increased the volume of applicants, and by extension, that poses an issue. As the job market is tougher, applicants could withhold the truth and information about themselves, in a desperate attempt to secure an offer of employment.

Third-party background check companies can implement effective background pre-employment screening programs, to help companies identify warning signs. Large percentages of people provide inaccurate information on job applications, and employment screening checks can help companies uncover these details, ensuring they hire the right candidates.


What are Pre-Employment Checks?

Pre-employment screening refers to the process of investigating potential employees’ backgrounds. These background checks can uncover details of an applicant’s criminal history, employment history and compensation claims, among others. These checks can also verify the accuracy of a candidate’s application, and often unveil information they previously did not disclose.


Why Should Employers Conduct Pre-Employment Screening Checks?

Some of the greatest advantages of background checks are as follows:

  • Improved quality of hire

With a thorough, comprehensive screening process in place, you will notice an improvement in the quality of your talent acquisition. You will find it easier to narrow down qualified candidates, with reassurance that they have provided correct information.

  • Safety and security

Pre-employment checks help filter out people who may be a potential danger or threat to the workplace. DBS checks, for example, highlight any convictions, cautions, warnings or reprimands on an application. Read more about DBS checks for employers.

  • Lower turnover of staff

Unwanted turnover of staff is something that companies want to reduce, and thorough criminal background checks will significantly help with this. The deeper your insight into a new hire, the less chance you have of making the wrong hiring decision.

  • Less chance of negligent hiring

Negligent hiring comes with its fair share of risks, which means that organisations are (often unknowingly) liable for employees’ actions. This is common if a company does not take background check processes seriously prior to hiring for a job role. Incidents which companies could have prevented (had they taken appropriate measures) can often result in reputational and financial damage.

  • Compliance and standards met

Third-party companies that do background checks for employers can help provide robust screening solutions that help you meet the necessary regulations and standards, which vary from industry to industry.


Importance of Checking Candidates

Employment screening is important on a legal and regulatory level. It’s vital for employers to ensure that they are following the law and other regulations and standards pertinent to their industry. They can be issued fines if they are, for example, hiring someone who does not have the right to work in the UK.

On a moral level, companies have a duty to ensure they are hiring trustworthy and reliable individuals. Over the years, the amount of false information disclosed on job applications has increased, particularly following the UK financial crisis (2007-2010). Reports at the time showed large numbers of applicants lied on their applications. 

What’s more, the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in changes for businesses in terms of their data and safeguarding, as well as ensuring their robust and reliable background screening checks are carried out.

Particularly with today’s prevalent remote working environments, employers can not afford to let their pre-employment screening procedures take a back seat. Businesses have to adapt to accommodate new measures constantly, and this is where experienced and proficient background check companies can ensure organisations remain compliant, up to speed and efficient with hiring new employees.


Bespoke Background Check Packages

If your organisation requires bespoke, efficient and fast background checks, which cater for both national and international jobseekers, Eurocom CI can provide you with the solutions that will best suit your company.

Our systems, processes and intuitive technology help make the background screening process straightforward for our clients. We have a number of different background check packages available, or alternatively, speak to us directly and we can work out a proactive, tailored solution which meets your requirements.