Eurocom CI Integrates with Blue Octopus’ Octo Tech for Efficient Hiring

We are excited to announce our new ATS integration with Blue Octopus’ recruitment technology, Octo Platinum. Benefits of this integration This ATS integration optimises the recruitment process by offering a platform where onboarding, compliance and candidate tracking happen seamlessly. With the challenges recruiters face today in ensuring authentic hiring, this integration promises to be a […]

How Long Do Pre-Employment Checks Take?

It’s common for employers to carry out routine checks before offering a candidate the role they’ve applied for. So, if you’re currently in this position, you may be wondering what to expect and how long the checks will take.  First thing you need to know is the duration of pre-employment checks can vary widely depending […]

What is a BPSS check? Everything You Need To Know

In today’s world, organisations are increasingly concerned about ensuring the safety and security of their operations. One way they reduce the risk of things going wrong is by conducting background checks on individuals who may have access to sensitive information or hold positions of trust.  One such screening process is the BPSS check, a comprehensive […]

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Is Conducting Social Media Employment Checks Legal?

Social media checks can unveil so much about a person’s life and personality beyond their CV. Even a brief glance at a prospective employee’s social media profile(s) can tell an employer everything they need to know. In some cases, an organisation can verify a candidate’s age, gender, race, current employer, marital status, education and employment […]

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Digital Identity Checking Service for Employers & Landlords

As of 6th April 2022, the Home Office has rolled out a new digital ID verification service for employers and landlords. The press release issued on the UK Government website states that this new identity-checking system will make it “quicker, safer and more convenient” for employers and landlords to carry out right to work checks […]

Criminal Record Check

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Ensure quality hires with these 8 expert tips for implementing a thorough employment history check process.


8 Top Tips for Implementing a Robust Employment History Check Process

Ensure quality hires with these 8 expert tips for implementing a thorough employment history check process.

8 Key Benefits of ID Verification Services in Hiring

Streamline your hiring process and reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidate with ID verification services. Verify identities, reduce fraud, and ensure compliance with these 8 essential benefits.

How to Incorporate Pre-Employment Checks into Hiring Process

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What You Need to Know about CV Fraud

CV fraud is a growing issue in the UK, with levels rising every year. Find out all you need to know about spotting and preventing CV fraud right here.

Eurocom C I Partner Becomes UK’s First Certified Identity Service Provider

Find out all you need to know about the Eurocom C I partner who has just become the UK’s First Certified ID Verification Service Provider.


How Long Does a CCJ Last on Your Credit Rating?

CCJs can often be an inconvenient asset to your credit score. Our latest blog outlines how long they are visible for and possible ways to rid of them.