BPSS and basic screenings

If you want the most basic level of checks on your staff, our BPSS or basic screenings could be right for you. These checks verify the information provided by the candidate and highlight any glaring inaccuracies that can rule out an applicant immediately.

This is our entry-level service and further checks can be added to it, as required. We aim to provide a discreet, cost efficient employee validation service tailored to both your objectives and timescales. Each of our clients has a different focus when vetting their staff and we provide precisely tailored solutions to meet these objectives.

Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) is the foundation level of employee screening required by government departments and their contracted companies. It is also increasingly used in the private sector, regardless of government contracts.

BPSS consists of:
• Confirmation of identity and confirmation of current residential address
• Right to work
• Basic Disclosure
• Employment history 3 years

Download HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard

For employment within controlled government functions or for private sector employees contracted to such functions, higher levels of screening may be required such as Counter Terrorist Check (CTC), Security Check (SC) or Developed Vetting (DV). These high level screenings can only be carried out when authorised by a sponsoring organisation; the CTC, SC and DV levels of screenings cannot be provided for private companies without such sponsorship.

Basic employee screenings are a great option to verify the core data of an applicant consisting of:
• Confirmation of identity
• Confirmation of current residential address
• Credit check
• Directorships
• Right to work